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What do our customers have to say about Naughty Goat Farm products?

I have suffered with skin problems for over 40 years. After using the goat soap I got instant relief from the itching and scratching. Not only is this a great product but the customer service is second to none. Only last week I had to get some more soap for myself & for a friend 800 kms west from me. I rang Hamish to organise for 2 different postage, after talking to him for a few minutes about options Hamish organised to meet me and personally drop off the soap saving time & postage. I didn't know service like this still existed. A big thank you once again.
Dawn Rutherford

I have kids with eczema and I get psoriasis, so we have used soap free, dermatologist recommended products for a long time. I have spent a bucket load on expensive washes and lotions, including trying chemist stocked goats milk soaps and products, so when I say that I have found your soap the best, I believe I have the experience to back that claim up..... I believe that perhaps it is the fact that your soap is so pure being made from fresh goats milk rather then powdered like the mainstream products. It really does come down to fresh is best. Thank you for making such effective yet inexpensive product. I highly recommend others reading this have a go especially if you suffer from dry skin conditions. Well done on a real product!
Jodie and family.

YUM! I have been using Naughty Goat Farm's Peach Lip Balm and this is such a lovely product to use. The balm is so soothing for the lips and slides on like silk. The aroma is heaven-scent. And my new sweetheart...he is NOT complaining about the soft lips. Thank you for your efforts, energy and products Hamish.
Blessings, Fran

Hi Hamish, I just had to let you know how healing your Goat Milk Soaps are. Recently I started using a new aerosol deodorant spray purchased from a retail supermarket, of which was a well know and expensive brand. Using this after only a day brought my underarms great red welts. However, I have been using your Goat Milk Soaps and I am onto the Rose bar. After only TWO days of using your Rose soap, the welts have healed and cleared up. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I never imagine that I would feel such relief and comfort after such a short time; however, your soap did provide that healing relief for me. I am so grateful. I'm a committed 'fan' and will use your products as long as the creative and healing energy is with you.
Blessings and gratitude,

As like a lot of us someone in the family has skin problems which happened to be my Husband until we tried the goat soap which has been the best thing we have ever found to work, it has gone from every night coming out of the shower winging, itching, scratching to absolute bliss. Now i have started to use it as well and i too are just absolutely amazed on just how terrific it is and could never see myself ever going back to anything else, even if we go away for a weekend or more it is always one of the first things i pack. Then another fabulous product I tried the other day was the lip balm i just could not believe the healing abilities it had, it went from a split lip one day to absolutely healed two days later only putting it on once a day. Last thing i would like to say if anybody had any sort of skin problems at all give it a go you have nothing to lose and so much to gain. Thanks Hamish.
Sandra Moore

My mum is in her eighties and apart from a gift of a bottle of scotch the family finds it hard to think of anything for Xmas/birthday which are within four days of each other. This year I bought a gift pack of goat products from Hamish as I thought that mum would enjoy something personal. She was over the moon with excitement and used the lip balm straight away. She even shared some of the soaps with her carer, my sister, who has now asked me for the web site address so that future purchases can be made. Thanks Hamish for your commitment to quality, it has made mum very happy.

Mum bought us some of your goat's milk soap. We have very dry skin normally and scratch a lot! The soap has stopped us scratching and driving mum insane! We love the smell and feel of it on our skin. We had some friends over for a sleepover and they loved it too. Thank you!
Ashleigh & Stephanie (9 & 7 Y/old)

I was lucky enough to win one of your shave soaps at "Friday Night Live @ The Hut" in Goondiwindi recently. My husband has been using it resulting in a much cleaner shave and softer skin - what a lovely product WELL DONE